SLiC Innovations Eclipse C Ethernet Cable


One small step for SLiC, one giant step for cable design. Digital audio comes of age with the SLiC ethernet cable. No signal loss regardless of length.


Product Description

SLiC Innovations introduce the Eclips C ethernet/network cable. We only care about sound quality and the SLiC design will reveal information in your recordings you never knew was there, masked by previous cable designs. However SLiC benefits from the following features:

1) Independently embedded, double insulated conductors
2) Highly accurate cable geometry and predictable conductor spacing provides increased reliability by default
3) Virtually no crosstalk increases performance to new levels and increases the cables reach
4) Super-High bandwidth compatibilty
5) Highly robust
5) Air-spaced conductors
6) Unique cutting edge manufacture process and patented design

SLiC simply lets the music play.

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
Length Required

0.5 Metres, 1 Metre, 1.5 Metres, 10 Metres, 12.5 Metres, 15 Metres, 2 Metres, 2.5 Metres, 20 Metres, 3 Metres, 3.5 Metres, 4 Metres, 4.5 Metres, 5 Metres, 5.5 Metres, 6 Metres, 6.5 Metres, 7 Metres, 7.5 Metres, 8 Metres


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